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Handsome stranger or Dark secrets…How can you tell?

Being a massage therapist has created an easygoing lifestyle which Lucy enjoys. She’s professional, running a strict policy on mixing business and pleasure. When, dapper widower, Giles Harrington saunters into her therapy room sparks fly; but is he as perfect as he appears?

Ignoring her own rules, Lucy and Giles embark on a tumultuous relationship with far-reaching consequences that neither could predict.

Worried by her instinct to hunt out a killer, Paula, ex murder detective and best friend of Lucy, enters a game of cat and mouse with the ultimate prize. Will she confirm her worst fears?

A page turning psychological thriller that twists and turns towards its shocking conclusion.

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He has billions, she has his heart.

Scarred by her ex, the last thing on Lucy’s mind is a boyfriend. But when the perfect billionaire makes a play for her, she is forced to reconsider. Gorgeous, kind, and generous, he has it all, on the surface, but Lucy’s burgeoning relationship is threatened when Adam is arrested amidst a web of mystery.

Paula, an ex-detective, looks into matters for her best friend, uncovering a domineering business partner, tormented PA, and a resentful brother. Each has a gripping motive for the worst type of crime and a dark scandal threatens to unravel as this thriller unfurls one layer at a time.

Will Lucy follow her heart and allow true love to prevail? And will Paula unravel the mystery surrounding death and deceit before it’s too late?

A tormented soul can be oh so sexy - right?

Paula can’t afford to fail, she has too much resting on this. She's starting back at her old job as a murder detective with way more to prove than she’s comfortable with. She does not need her first case to be the worst psychopathic serial killer the UK has seen in decades.But that's what she's got.

And so, with her reputation resting on a knife edge, and dead bodies stacking up, she’s against the clock and has no choice but to enlist outside help. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Naked Souls is a fast paced read which will grip you from the start. If you love super sizzling affairs of the heart, dark and twisted minds and a plot which develops with pulse pounding speed, then you’ll love Naked Souls.

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